35 Affirmations for Mothers

35 Affirmations for Mothers

“I am a terrible mom.”  “I should have handled that differently.”  “I can’t stop worrying about…”  “How does she do it all?”  “Why can’t I do it all?” “I’ll never sleep again.”

These are just some of the thoughts that go through a mother’s head every day.  Motherhood requires a lot of patience, love, empathy, acknowledgment, and strength. It is an emotional roller coaster that challenges us to the core.  If you are a mother of young children, you are likely suffering from a lack of self-care and a lack of sleep which naturally means all these emotions are tested even more. 

We live in a society where we are taught to compare ourselves to others and are often judged by others no matter what we do.  But we are often our own harshest critic.

Affirmations for Mothers - Free Printable

Those negative feelings and thoughts can be turned into positive thoughts by using daily affirmations.  Affirmations are statements about you, your abilities, and your character.  Affirmations have helped my confidence, patience, and self-care immensely.  Practicing daily affirmations reminds me that I am enough, I am doing what is best for my child as well as what is best for me, and it’s okay if I make a mistake.  And most importantly they make me a better mother by modeling positivity and self-care.

Some examples of positive affirmations are:

-I am enough

-I believe in myself

-I accept my children just as they are

-I am doing my best

-I am becoming a better version of myself

I have created a free list of 35 affirmations to help you feel confident as a mother.  Print this and place it on your refrigerator, desk, or mirror.  Choose the ones that speak to you and start reciting them every day. I would also encourage you to use this list to help you write more specific affirmations of your wants and desires in life.  To learn more about using affirmations in your everyday life and how to write your own affirmations check out my post – How Affirmations can Change your Mindset and your Life.

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