Finding Balance: How 17 Busy Moms Do it All

Finding Balance: How 17 Busy Moms Do it All

Finding Balance: How 17 Busy Moms Do it All

We all know a perfect balance is almost impossible to achieve.  Something always has to give.  But, I believe a healthy balance is not only doable but necessary, to survive motherhood. 

I recently shared a post on Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms.  Naturally, one of the first questions any mom asks is “but, how do you find time for self-care?”  I get it!  We would all love to have more time to read a book, exercise, or catch up on our favorite guilty pleasure t.v. show, but some days we can’t even go to the bathroom alone!

Finding a balance between your kids, work, and life in general, comes down to priorities and time management.  How you manage your time is essential to your success as a busy mom who is trying to balance work, family, and a little time for yourself now and then.  Additionally, your mindset plays a huge part in your ability to balance.  If you tell yourself you can’t do it all, you’re not going to be able to do it!


Finding Balance: How 17 Moms Do it All

How do you eat an elephant? 

One bite at a time!  Okay, I know this is an old cliche, but it’s true!  When you look at your to-do list as a whole it seems overwhelming and impossible.  When you break it down into small bites by scheduling your time, asking for help, and learning to let some of it go – your to-do list will seem much more manageable.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve become flustered over everything I have to do, only to realize the only thing holding me back from getting it done was me allowing it to paralyze me.

When I take the time to plan out each week, ask for help, set and review goals and communicate with my husband so that we are working as a team, I find my balance.  There are definitely weeks where we are off balance, but I use those weeks as a reminder to allow myself grace and to slow down and take it one step at a time.  When I do this I am happier and my kids are happier because they get a happier, more patient mom who wants to spend time with them.

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Achieving Work-Life Balance 

My blogging friends had some great advice on self-care, so I asked them to share their wisdom on how they manage to “do it all” without becoming completely overwhelmed.  It’s worth noting that we all get overwhelmed from time to time.  We are all moms with a large workload, but these ladies use the tips below to stay productive and keep overwhelm to a minimum.

Ayssa – Plan Like A Mom

“Write down all of the areas of your life and give them a priority. Know before life tries to pull you in different directions which area is more important. Be intentional and get quick perspective from this order. You can fill yourself up to better serve your marriage and family, so make sure your own worth is high on this list.”

Breana – Bre Writes Beauty

“Scheduling everything. Have one calendar with everything business, family, and personal so you always know when it’s time to do work, your own things, or family things!”

Becky – Simply Intentional LIfe

“Minimalism at home. Keep things as simple as possible so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the stuff around you.”

Regina – Live and Work by Faith

“Have a clear mission and if an activity doesn’t help you fulfill that mission, say “no.”

Kim – The Bookkeeping Mama

“My #1 tip to balancing it all is to not be afraid to ask for help when you need it! If you have a work deadline approaching and you need to work a few extra hours, ask your husband or your older kids to do a couple of extra chores. If the holidays are around the corner and you haven’t finished your shopping/cleaning/baking yet, ask a family member to take the kids for a few hours. New moms always get the advise to ask for help, but I say you should ask for it whenever you need it, regardless of how old your kids are.”

Surya – The Busy Mom Club

“Ditch the mom guilt and take time for yourself! It’s good for you and it’s good to show your kids that mom has hobbies and a life and that’s OK.”

Sheena – Modern Dating 101

“Be patient and stay consistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be patient with yourself, plan accordingly and enjoy the ride.”

Abby – For the Joy Blog

“My number one tip for balancing it all is being intentional with the time you have in a day and making sure your actions align with your true priorities. I’m a huge fan of time blocking it helps me to see the big picture of how I will spend my week and allows me to set aside time for each thing I want/need to do. It keeps me accountable for my time and helps me honor my greater purpose.”

Kara – Dollar Mommy Club

“Leverage the time when your child is taking a nap or playing with friends to get things done. And I always set a goal to at least get three work related things done because some days you can only get three work-related to-dos done.”

Denis –

“Prioritize! You need to prioritize the urgent thing for the day and if it is work then you work, if it is you then you do some self-care. This way you won’t feel the guilt.

Emily – Lil Mama Bear

“Remember you can’t do it all and don’t try! You’ll be far more productive if now and then you walk away from work to spend some you-time, or to just have fun with your family or friends. Don’t push yourself to the limit, but work with your limitations for the maximum yield.”

Haley – Adventures of Southern Motherhood

“Take 10 minutes each day for yourself.”

Liane – Tales of a Scrunchy Mom

“Don’t neglect your health! If we don’t make it a priority to fuel our bodies properly, exercise regularly, drink enough water or get enough sleep we won’t feel at our best and won’t have the necessary energy and clarity of mind to tackle that never-ending to-do list. It really does make a difference in our productivity level!”

Elizabeth – Abundant Full Life

“Time management and achievable goals”

Jen – Women Winning Online

“Knowing that you can’t. Giving yourself grace around that too. Knowing that sometimes your business gets more attention or sometimes your family does. It’s a constant juggling act!”

Natalie – Mom and Kids Creating Memories

“I think it comes down to priorities. I have realized that I can allow my business to take over all my time and then I am not spending the time with my kids like I should or I’m neglecting the housework. So what I have been trying to do is give myself time limits on work and being okay with interruptions. I get up early to try to get my devotions done and some work is done, but when my son wakes up I try to put down my computer and cuddle with him for a couple minutes. I also try to work when the kids are napping or when they are watching a movie or something like that. I think it is all about remembering that time goes by so fast, that our businesses are important but we need to make sure to spend time with our families as well.”

Haylee – Maybe Sometime Mom

“Start with writing down your values- what is most important to you? Then think about everything you have on your to-do list- do they match? If so, great! If not, what needs to change?”


Are you ready to make your self-care a priority?  Click here to Join my free challenge!  We will be working together to make sure you take a little time for YOU every day!

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  1. These are some really great tips! After years and years of blogging and homeschooling four kids, I’ve noticed that as time passes you get better at just getting it all done.

    1. seashen4 says:

      Wow, Michelle! That takes some big time patience and time management!

  2. These are all fantastic tips. The best advice always comes from other moms who are right there in the trenches with you! Fitness was definitely a game changer for me – it helped me to find myself and maintain my energy level for everything that was on my plate.

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