Lillypost Book Subscription Box Review

As an avid reader, it’s important to me to instill a love of reading in my children.  We read a lot in our house so we can never have enough books!  I recently learned about a fun book subscription box for kids. My kids love getting mail and packages and I love anything that makes things a little easier for busy mamas, so I thought this would be an exciting and educational way for them to get something in the mail and add to our library.

Lillypost is a book subscription box for kids ages 0-7. Instill a love for reading in your children with these fun, high quality, hard-cover books delivered to your door.

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Lillypost offers three different subscription boxes – a board book box for ages 0-3, a mixed box for all ages, and a picture book box for ages 4-7. We chose the last box as my kids are 4 and 7.

Our books arrived within about a week and my youngest was really excited about the books. We received 3 high-quality hardcover books. Enclosed in the box was a nice welcome note as well as “this book belongs to” stickers that you can put in your book if you choose. I thought that was a nice touch!

The books we received were Ol’ Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein, Bertie Wings It! by Leslie Gorin, and Bunny’s Book Club by Annie Silvestro. My kids loved all the books and I did too! As an avid reader myself I especially loved Bunny’s Book Club.  I think that should be in every child’s library!

I’m happy to report that we didn’t already have any of these books. In fact, I’d never heard of them so I was pleased to have these books added to our growing library.  If we did already have them they would have made wonderful gifts or donations to a local charity.

One of the reasons I chose Lillypost is because they donate one book to charity for every book ordered.  I love supporting companies that give back, especially when it comes to books!

This is a subscription service and there are several options to choose from ranging from $15.95-$19.95 per month + $4.95 shipping (US – this is also available in Canada as well).  I thought the price was very reasonable.  When I priced the 3 books out on Amazon it would have cost $33.81, so I’d call it a good deal!

I hope they’ll expand their selection to offer chapter book boxes for older kids too. It can sometimes be challenging to find books that my oldest daughter gets excited about reading and while she still loves picture books, she reads mostly chapter books now.

I think this would also make for a lovely gift idea, especially for someone who you can’t see in person.  They would love getting this adorable box of beautiful books in the mail!  Click here to learn more and order your box!

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