How My Life Has Changed Since I said Goodbye to 8-5

This is part 3 of my series – How I said Goodbye to 8 to 5.  Please click here to read part 1.

When I made the life-changing decision to leave my full-time career for full-time mom I didn’t exactly have a plan.  I know, it wasn’t the smartest approach, but for us, it was the only way to move forward at the time.  I was so overwhelmed with life that there was no way I could put a plan together until I got rid of the thing that was holding me down, my job.  That meant a lot of budgeting and a lot of sacrifices. 

We stopped contributing to our 401K’s, we stopped contributing to our kids’ college funds and we stopped going out to eat or buying ourselves any extras.  We knew that we would be able to get back to a place where we would be able to live more comfortably by taking a few years to balance our priorities, find our purpose, and focus on future goals.  We also knew that time with our kids was more important than eating out, a new car or new clothes.

How my life has changed since I said goodbye to my full-time job and became a stay-at-home/ work-from-home mom.

Two years have passed and I now have two work-from-home businesses which allow me to make money for our family, working when I am available to work.  While I haven’t been able to replace my previous income, it has allowed me to make some extra money to put towards fun things like dance lessons and dinner out.  Building an at home business takes a lot of time and perseverance.  Because I’ve worked hard to change my mindset, I now know that making a more comfortable income is a matter of when not if

Because I’ve been able to make our kids and household responsibilities more of a priority, my husband has been able to focus on making his dreams come true.  He is in the process of opening a brewery and I am confident it is going to be very successful.  Taking several steps back has proven to help us move forward in building the life we both dream of, and I know that very soon we will be able to eat dinner out and by a new pair of shoes whenever we feel like it!

I am now a YES Mom

I continue to put my kids first, and I am finally that YES mom.  I wake up early to do my morning routine, get my kids ready for school and drop them off.  I get to pick them up every day and listen to them tell me about their day before they are too tired.  I bring them to dance class, swimming lessons, music class and playdates never missing a moment. 

I’m here every time my anxious daughter is feeling nervous and scared to transition back to school or a new activity.  I’m here to calm my very spirited toddler every time her three-year-old emotions take over her body, and I’m here to cuddle up on the couch when they are feeling sick, not worrying about letting someone down at work.  I’m here on snow days to build snowmen and play games by the fire with hot cocoa.  I’m here during summer vacation to visit the beach whenever we want, blow bubbles in the yard, and visit the local parks.

I’ve been able to enroll my daughter in pre-school so she can get more social interaction and I can have some time for me.  That has allowed me to follow through on this blog that I’ve been working on in the back of my mind for over two years.  And thanks to my Rodan + Fields business I finally have the confidence to my put myself out there and inspire others to do the same.  My experiences have allowed me to share and motivate others.

Yes, I drive back and forth to my kid’s school three times a day.  I pick up the same random toys over and over again and somehow find a collection of my kid’s socks under the couch every day.  I walk by the bathroom and turn off the light at least five times a day, and pick up crumbs and spills constantly.  And I vacuum only to turn around and find another mess as soon as I’ve put it away.

Sometimes I lose my patience and get frustrated.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down because it’s my nature always to go go go.  And I still get exhausted and overwhelmed from time to time, but it’s because I’m doing everything I want to be doing.  I’m finally a YES mom!

And more often I’m able to sit and smile as I watch my daughter tell a story.  I sit in awe as I watch my children play together.  I laugh when they are silly and cheer during their many dance performances.  I make slime with them, build castles with them and bake cookies with them.  And yes, of course, we have our share of disagreements, and I often play referee between them.

When I went to work every day I struggled to stop and listen, to acknowledge, and to play.  Now I smile more frequently, laugh more often, listen more intently, react more patiently, and love more deeply.  I am a YES Mom! Finally, I am happy again!

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  1. I so want this! I worked for 3 more years after we had my first baby and hated it. I missed every milestone practically! When we had our second we decided to have me stay home because of cost of daycare and my desire to stay home. We have always been so tight with money but I was determined to stay home with my kids and not miss a moment of their little lives even though some days I wish I did work! Parenting is hard! Now fast forward to my forth and final child turning five-in a blink of an eye, I must add-and entering Kindergarten this fall. I know I need to go back to work so we can start paying off the major credit card debt we are in but I do NOT want to be the exhausted Mom who is too tired to be present for her four children and the more important husband of mine. I fear if I do go to back to work I won’t want to drive my boys to wrestling practice or my daughter to dance class or have the time to. So back in December I decided to start blogging and have worked hard to publish quality posts but I have only made 41 cents! I made $1.04 from Amazon but didn’t get my 3rd sale in time so they kicked me out. I am super frustated with the whole process but reading your journey to this point has helped me think, “Maybe I can do this” and given me hope. Thank you for your story. It did what you wanted it to and it inspired me!

    1. seashen4 says:

      I can relate to everything you’re saying here, Jovane! Blogging is hard and takes time, but you can totally do it!

  2. Kate DiMeco says:

    So proud of you Stacey! I’ve been following your blog because it so closely resembles the choices I made when my kids were younger. Now, as they embark on the challenging and scary tween years I feel an even greater need and desire to be present in their everyday moments from their choices, to friends, to bullies, peer pressure, school work, and so much more. I discovered that being present these tween years has become just as important to me as when I made the choice to stay home when they were younger.

    1. seashen4 says:

      Thank you, Kate! That means so much to me. I can definitely understand wanting to be present during those tween and teen years. I never want to go back to an 8-5! So great to hear from you!

  3. Kathy Sullivan says:

    I just love reading this Stacey! So motivational and inspiring! I am so happy for you.

    1. seashen4 says:

      Thank you!!

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