5 Tips to Get and Stay Organized in the New Year
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Staying organized is essential when finding balance and fulfillment as a parent. I run into a lot of parents who are always late, forgetting things, and stressed constantly. And I get it! I definitely have my moments too! Taking a few steps to organize your life better will help you stress less and feel more …

How a Change in My Morning Routine, Changed My Life
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How a Change in My Daily Routine, Changed My Life

I am not a morning person.  My morning routine previously consisted of me hitting snooze several times, or lying in bed perusing Facebook until the last possible second, then jumping out of bed and scrambling around like a crazy person trying to get myself and my kids out the door on time.  I did this …

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How Affirmations Can Change Your Mindset and Your Life

Do you dream about things that seem completely out of reach?  Do you struggle with body image, confidence, or patience?  Do you give up easily?  Do you want the negative self-talk to stop and those dreams to become reality?    I don’t have a magic wand or a secret sauce, but I do want to …

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5 Tips to Find Extra Cash this Holiday Season

I love the holiday season!  For me, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!  But I know many people don’t agree. The holidays can cause a lot of stress around finances and family, and can be especially anxiety-inducing for busy moms who are often times responsible for the shopping, cooking, entertaining…the list …

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Take Care of Yourself Before Your Kids

It was ninety degrees in Maine yesterday.  Blue skies, sunshine, high tide, and a warm breeze provided the equation for a perfect day at the beach.  After a very cold and rainy spring, it seemed like this day would never come! In my quest to ensure everyone was safe, hydrated, relatively happy and slathered in …