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Take Care of Yourself Before Your Kids

It was ninety degrees in Maine yesterday.  Blue skies, sunshine, high tide, and a warm breeze provided the equation for a perfect day at the beach.  After a very cold and rainy spring, it seemed like this day would never come! In my quest to ensure everyone was safe, hydrated, relatively happy and slathered in …

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10 Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Stay-at-home Parent

Are you considering being a stay-at-home (or maybe a work-at-home) parent?  When I decided to start my family I never considered staying home, because I didn’t think we could make it work financially.  When my sweet girl was born in 2011 reality immediately set in and I became aware of how hard it would be …

My journey of self-discovery and finding my purpose as a stay-at-home mom.
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My Not So Mediocre Life; Finding My Purpose as a Mom

Growing up I could never find anything that I felt I was good at.  My parents got me involved in piano, softball, and dance, but I never felt passionate about any of my hobbies and thus gave them all up.  I always did well in school and always followed the rules (mostly).  Everything I did …