Motherhood is Messy

Motherhood is messy.

So often, social media makes motherhood look like this perfect life that moms have. Cooking the perfect meals, keeping a perfectly tidy house, working outside of the house and managing to balance it all, or staying home and still managing to balance it all.

But in all reality, motherhood is messy. Your house is constantly messy. There is always some mystery sticky substance on your little one’s hands. Your laundry pile will continuously grow and be the never-ending laundry cycle. Baths, dishes, and toys… you will be forever cleaning up the messes that your children make. It is messy when you get that first exploding diaper and don’t know how to get that onesie off without making a bigger mess! No matter what stage your little one is in, there will always be some sort of mess that is associated with motherhood.

Motherhood is messy, challenging, giving, and unbelievably beautiful. Check out this inspiring post on motherhood.

Motherhood is challenging.

It is challenging to raise these mini-humans to be respectful, kind and independent adults. It is challenging to make sure that you are meeting all the basic needs of your children, while still making sure that fun experiences and memories are a part of their days. It is challenging to find the right schools, doctors, and nanny/babysitter to be a part of your child’s life. All of these outside people have an influence on who your little one will grow up to be. It is challenging to be sure that you are always doing the right thing.

Motherhood is crazy.

It is a crazy whirlwind of emotions and a wild adventure! From the moment that pregnancy test is positive, you start on the crazy, wonderful ride that is motherhood. From the late night feedings to the first day of school to a million other firsts, this journey that us moms are on is a crazy one! But, at least for me, I would not change any of it for a minute!

Motherhood is sleepless.

It starts during pregnancy. That amazing little miracle that you are growing inside your belly will keep you up at night even before they make their entrance into this world. Then the sleepless infant days feel like they last forever and you learn to survive on 3 hours of sleep. Once you are out of the sleepless infant stage and get to those lovely preteen and teenage years, I am sure that there is a whole different kind of sleepless nights that accompany those years. But the universal kind of sleepless nights that all moms experience, no matter the age of their children are those nights where you lay awake in bed and wonder if you are doing a good job raising those tiny humans, or if you are messing everything up. Trust me, Mama, when I tell you that you ARE doing a good job!

Motherhood is giving.

You give everything you have, all day long, day after day. From the minute you wake up you give everything for those beautiful kids of yours. You give up your sleep to make sure that they are sleeping peacefully. You give up your free time play games, watch a new trick, build forts,

make science projects, plan birthday parties, and so much more. You give everything you have to make sure that your kids are happy and safe and have everything that they need.

And even after all that motherhood is, it is still unbelievably beautiful. No matter how messy, challenging, crazy, sleepless, and giving it is, motherhood is amazingly beautiful. It is so beautiful to watch that brand new baby look at your for the first time. It is beautiful to watch your family grow and watch these amazing tiny humans learn new things and have new experiences. It is beautiful to watch those little people that you created learn to walk and talk. It is beautiful to watch those tiny humans you created grow up in to wonderful, amazing adults.

While motherhood is completely and utterly exhausting, and it takes its toll on your sanity, I would not change one single thing about this adventure that is motherhood.

Motherhood is unbelievably beautiful!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with the motherhood is sleepless part – at least we are all at least part mombie!

    1. seashen4 says:

      Haha! Isn’t that the truth!

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