Take Back Your Life!
Free email challenge for overwhelmed moms looking to find their way again.

  • Are you a busy mom who has lost your identity?
  • Do you struggle to find time for self-care and personal development?
  • Do you struggle with confidence and self-love?
  • Are you completely overwhelmed trying to balance a full-time job with full-time parent?
  • Do you want to feel happy and fulfilled again?
  • Do you feel lost trying to find direction and purpose in your life?

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About the challenge:

Why I created Take Back Your Life...

Like many moms I was struggling to find my identity and time for myself among the chaos of mom life.  I was overwhelmed with diapers, middle of the night waking's, tantrums, appointments, activities, and working to provide for my family.  I was unhappy, tired, and impatient, and it affected not only me, but my kids and my husband too.  This was not how motherhood was supposed to be! 

So, I decided to do something about it, and I want to help you do something too...

If you have, or have had, young children chances are you have experienced the same feelings.  Whether you work full-time, part-time, or stay home with your kids you deserve to focus on yourself!  Whether your kids are young or starting to leave the house, it's time to find your identity again.

You feel guilty focusing on yourself.  I get it!  Society has taught us that moms are supposed to put everyone else first.  But here's the thing... a happy, confident, fulfilled mom raises happy and fulfilled kids.  Your self-care is the best thing you can do for your family!  

I believe you can have it all and I want to help you make yourself a priority! 

What to expect...

The challenge will be emailed to you over the course of the next week and includes the following 5 "assignments" 

1. Find your Why

2. Set Goals

3. Write Affirmations

4. Visualization

5. Create new habits

You will also be invited to our ​private Facebook group Seashells and Storytime - Support, Encourage, Persevere.  We are a group of women who are all working on being the best version of ourselves.  The group is a safe and judgmental free place share our challenges and our wins and to motivate each other to push forward.


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